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Since 2013 the subsidiary is focused on being a Rapid response centre, meeting the unique service levels and delivery expectation the UK market demands. With the local assembly resource of helical & helical bevel units up to 45000Nm and Planetary units up to 100,000Nm from components, Rossi UK is able to assemble both standard catalogue products as well as custom application units built around customer specifications.

Rossi Rapid response centre focuses service-driven initiative that includes reliability, availability, quality and efficiency at every level of the local business. Together with the global support structure in place through Rossi Spa the UK subsidiary is perfectly placed to assist customers with all their geared motor requirements.

Rossi’s friendly staff are on hand to assist every customer with their enquiries, why not get in touch with one of us and discuss your requirements, we will do our best for you.


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Moving your world forward, is what drives us everyday

Geared motor product selection, and specification support for geared motors

The world of geared motors covers many industrial sectors, and reliability and performance is one of the key reasons to choose Rossi. Rossi is able to assist in selecting the most appropriate product for your application

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